Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is It Just Ours or Are They All Like This?

We have now changed our living room around for the third time. This is the room on the second floor that we spend the most time in – when we’re hanging around the house, we’re in this room. It's by far the ugliest room in the house - with a hodge podge of antiques, school furniture, electronics and baby toys. It has the wireless internet (when it’s working), it has our computers, the television and our VOIP and local phones. Lately Maximo is into EVERYTHING! Everything that he shouldn’t been in… he has a foam playmat with a huge basket overflowing with toys, a musical table, balls, even the cat.But, we are constantly chasing him away from wires, the computers, the trash can. We’re trying to prevent him from slamming his fingers in the door or a drawer or simply running out of the room. We barricade, we block with our bodies, we try everything. When he catches a glimpse of an electronic device or a wire, he scurries past his Fantasy Playland chock full of toys just for one tug on a wire or one punch on the computer tower.
Now, the question is, are all babies like this? Or are we really in for it? Is he going to be the kid we’re always chasing after, the one making me worry, or is this just a stage? You know what, don’t tell me, ignorance is bliss – let me just think this is a stage and it will pass soon.

But really, with a face like this - you can get away with quite a lot!

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Teresa said...

I think it is all a mini preparation for the upcoming (sooner than anyone ever expects) teenage years.