Monday, September 8, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts. Our phone hasn't been working and our internet is down. It's been actually raining in Lima and leaking in our house and somehow the water has found it's way to our phone lines... Therefore, we haven't been able to post.
I'm at school so can't write much. Our doctor's appointment last week went swimmingly - Maximo is at 25 % for both height and weight for his actual age and he doesn't have an appointment for TWO months! Wow! Therapy is down to one time per week and we don't see the pediatrician for two months, we're going to have so much free time on our hands!
Dr. Zegarra told us to slowly start introducing cow's milk to Maximito... So, he had one bottle on Saturday and one on Sunday and he seems to like it, though he likes it warm. (Such a delicate little boy). ... more later...


Celia said...

It's BEEN RAINING in Lima? But it never RAINS in Lima!

Julie said...

Yes raining and full sunshine in September - el nino, global warming, yo no se... something's happening with el clima