Friday, September 19, 2008

Wisps of our Week

School has been a bit hectic, so posting has fallen by the wayside. Here are a few wisps of our week:

  • Maximo is getting more and more stable on his feet and is walking while cruising the furniture, pushing the footstool or hold our hands.
  • Maximo attended yet another neighborhood kid's birthday party, Tiago, and seemingly had a good time. (again he went with Gloria and not us...)
  • Maximo is really really interested in books (yipee). Right now he's really keen on turning the pages, so we have to read really fast.
  • Maximo has a knack for knowing when it's "Mommy's night" by getting up at 4 am and then tossing and turning in bed with her until 6 am. He's only done this a few times, but only once on Daddy's night.
  • Maximo loves to turn off and on the lights as we leave or enter a room.
  • Maximo's poops have crossed the line this week. Who knows, maybe it's the milk, but... P.U.! those things are foul smelling... but on an up note, they are not the hard pellets they used to be!
  • Two more teeth have broken through - so now he has four on top, four on the bottom
  • Maximo is getting really good about going under the water in the pool. At first, he didn't know that he was supposed to shut his mouth before going under, now, with a little conditioning (1, 2, 3... plunk), he's going under the water and coming up without sputtering a ton of water. He even went under the lane markers in the pool yesterday, rather than the quick submersion in Mommy's arms.
  • He's standing up! Solo! Last night was the first time in the bathtub. Today he did it while he was playing. It's only for about 5 seconds, then he either loses balance or decides to get down to crawl. (How exciting!)
I'll leave you with this cute video of Maximo laughing. He is super ticklish, especially around his neck and his thighs. Every night after his bath, we put lotion on him and can't resist a few minutes of tickling his little "hamhocks" with a handful of lotion.

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